How to Remove an Installed AC Window Unit

If you need to know how to remove an installed AC window unit, it’s probably because it no longer works or you’ve found a better way to stay cool. Maybe you’re going to replace it and sell the old one to make more money in a yard sale or it’s just too noisy to ignore any longer. Regardless of the reason you need to remove an installed air conditioner window unit, you must do it safely and with care if it’s still in good condition and you want to use it in the future or sell it.

How to Remove an Installed AC Window Unit in Orlando

In Orlando and other parts of Florida, the Sunshine State lives up to its name every year, particularly during the lengthy summer. From late May until mid to late November, temperatures rise steeply day after day, with little relief overnight. At its peak, summer days easily reach into the mid 90’s, with dew points rising into the mid to upper 70’s. The relative humidity, combined with the temperature, creates a heat index in the triple digits, into the low 100’s.

If you have a wall-installed air conditioner that serves only as an eyesore anymore, you can yank it out and seal the hole yourself. Just make sure to get appropriate siding or other material to patch the exterior of the house when you’re done. If you can’t find an exact match, you can have paint computer-matched to your existing color. —

With such conditions, air conditioning is known as a “forced amenity,” up and down the peninsula. Whether you’re remodeling or installing a mini-split or an entire central HVAC system, you need to rid yourself of that air conditioner window unit. Perhaps it’s part of a larger home improvement project and you’re trying to decide between a dumpster rental or junk removal service. Whatever the case, the cooling unit must go. So, here’s how to remove an installed AC window unit safely:

  • Cover the floor underneath. Condensation usually pools in window air conditioners so protect your floor by placing a towel directly underneath the unit inside your home. Before you proceed any further, be sure to wear gloves and closed-toe shoes for protection.
  • Unplug the unit and remove the front cover. Unplug the air conditioner and tie the cord so it does not dangle when you’re removing it from the window. Pull off the front cover with your hands or use a screwdriver to unfasten the front cover.
  • Take the insulation out. Remove the insulation around the window unit and place it out-of-the-way so it doesn’t pose a tripping hazard. If it’s moldy or no longer usable, throw it out
  • Unfasten the unit from its mounting base. The window unit will be fastened to a mounting base with screws. Using a screwdriver or drill-driver, unfasten the retaining screws, freeing the air conditioner from its mounting base.
  • Carefully pull the AC window unit out-of-place. Have someone lend you a helping hand to gently wiggle the window unit out of its installation location. Depending on its installation, you can take the unit out of the window from inside or outside your home.

When you have taken the air conditioner window unit down, just phone 321-406-2069 or visit AAA Rousse Services and we’ll take it away and also haul junk away. We serve the entire Orlando area and know it well; so, give us a call right now!

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