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How to Take Apart and Dispose of a Bed Frame and Mattress

If you're ready to switch your old bed for a new one, and have found a replacement from a nearby store, you might be faced with the task of taking apart your old bed frame and disposing of it, along with the mattress. The good news is that it is not a difficult task, but, you will need a couple of tools and someone to lend a helping hand.

Because of the its size and weight, you'll have to disassemble it, which might not be as simple as you think. Over time, the frame might shift from its original position and form binds in the frame itself and where it's attached to the headboard and footboard, which are generally difficult to break loose.

How to Take Apart a Bed Frame

Strip everything off the mattress, then move the mattress out of the room to have ample space to move about. Do the same with the box frame, and you'll be ready to take apart the bed frame.

Your typical bed comes in several different pieces that you'll have to take care of when it comes time to pack, including the bedding, the mattresses, the headboard and footboard.

Once the mattress is cleared and taken of the frame, along with the box frame, follow these steps:

  1. Unfasten the foot board from the frame and move it out of the room using a screwdriver or power drill-driver. Its best to lay it on the floor flat instead of leaning it against a wall because it could slip and fall.
  2. Pull the bed frame and headboard away from the wall to have room to remove the headboard. Be careful when doing this, as the headboard might unexpectedly come free from the frame if it isn't bolted.
  3. Unfasten the headboard from the bed frame and move it out of the room too.
  4. Loosen and remove the fastening bolts from the frame and put them in a bag. Pull the parts of the frame apart, and stack them along side the mattress and box frame.

If there are binds in the frame, you'll have to straighten it as much as possible. Have someone assist you with straightening the frame while you unfasten the bolts.

How to Dispose of a Bed Frame and Mattress

If the mattress and box frame are in really good condition, you can post an ad online and sell it, or, donate it to a charity. Should there be any stains or discoloration in the mattress or bed frame, you'll have to dispose of the entire thing as charities will not accept such items. However, if the frame, headboard and footboard are still in good condition, those items can be sold or given away.

If the entire set is not in good condition, you'll have to put it on a truck or trailer and haul it to the local landfill because most local waste collection services will not pick up such items from the curb with the regular trash. Call a junk hauling and removal service, and have it taken away.

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