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How to Convert a Shed into a Workshop

If you're a hobbyist that doesn't have the room to work, you might consider renting a small studio. However, doing so means having to drive back-and-forth, pay rent, and, not have immediate access when inspiration strikes. A great alternative is to convert your shed into a workshop. This simple storage space can be transformed into a climate controlled workshop or art studio with very little effort. You won't need to do much to make it into a functional space, and, will only need a few easy to install materials. Over the course of a weekend or two, you can convert a shed into a workshop.

How to Convert a Shed to a Workshop

One of the single biggest frustrations for hobbyists is having enough room to spread out to work. Whether you're fabricating wood furniture, painting with oil, creating homemade crafts, you probably need a quiet, dedicated space to work your magic. That's typically difficult as livable square footage isn't easy to come by and the garage is stuffed so full, it can't even accommodate a single vehicle.

Turn your shed into the perfect workshop and make your shed work for you. Make a workshop out of your backyard shed that will aid your creative work and allow you to be inspired. Your perfect workshop should not only be attractive, but it should be practical and functional. Making it that way might take some work, but it will pay off in the end. --

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If you have a storage shed in your backyard, you might consider opting to turn it into a functional workshop. You can even make money by selling junk, probably enough to pay for the cost of the conversion or to at-least offset the price. Here's how you can convert a shed into a workshop or art studio so you have a dedicated space for your hobby:


  • Empty the shed completely. If you've not been in the shed for weeks or months, it's a good idea to be careful when you first open the doors. There might be snakes, insects, and/or other creepy-crawlies taking-up residence inside and when the doors suddenly fly open, you could surprise them. Empty the shed out totally and do this with caution because you don't know what might be lurking under this or that.
  • Give it a deep cleaning inside and out. Next, take a garden hose with a spray nozzle and give the inside a rinse-off. Knock down spider webs and clear out any organic debris inside. It's probably going to have some grime here and there, so, you dish liquid soap to get rid of it.
  • Determine how many electrical outlets you'll need. If the shed isn't already equipped with electricity, you'll have to run electrical wiring from the main power panel. This is best left to a licensed electrician, who can equip the space with electricity and install the number of outlets and lights you need.
  • Install insulation, then cover with plywood to finish. Regardless if the shed is constructed of aluminum, composite, or wood, it won't be anywhere near pleasant during the summer months. Install insulation and then cover it with plywood to finish the walls.
  • Install a window air conditioning unit to keep it comfortable. To complete the conversion, you'll need a window air conditioner unit to keep it cool. Also, you might consider putting a floor fan or two in the space to circulate air.

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