How to Do a Foreclosure Clean Out

foreclosure-clean-outIf you need to do a foreclosure cleanout, to ready a condo for sale, to rehab a single family home, or to get a rental property in shape, understand there are likely to be big challenges ahead. When homeowners fall on hard financial times, they quickly begin to prioritize their spending. First on the list is food, with the utilities being a close second. The mortgage is their third priority. But since this is such a large expense, they are forced to make a decision and that’s when the eventual foreclosure clean out becomes inevitable.

How to Do a Foreclosure Clean Out in Fort Lauderdale

It’s always a good idea to find and hire the right junk removal service but if you insist on going the do-it-yourself route, be ready for some huge surprises. It’s not just having to deal with an overgrown lawn, pick up trash around the yard, and make extensive interior repairs and replacements. You’ll also have to prevent vandalism, as well as guard against the possibilities of squatting and trespassing.
Home prices are rising at a fast clip, and for-sale listings are still very low. That makes flipping a house more competitive than ever today, but it also mean potentially record returns for investors. If you’re ready to put in the work, there is certainly good money to be made. Just be smart, as emotion-free as possible and get ready for a real estate ride like no other. And no, it’s not as easy as it looks on TV. Figure out what you can spend on both the house and the renovation, down to the last dollar, and include how much risk you are prepared to take. —
One simple step to take is to mow the yard and keep it cut short. Be sure to clean up all trash and if possible, park a vehicle in the driveway. Replace porch and other exterior lights to discourage unwelcome guests and change the locks right away. In addition to these steps, you can do other things to make a foreclosure clean out go more smoothly. Here are some helpful tips on how to do a foreclosure clean out:
  • Test the appliances. Before you pull all the major appliances out of the kitchen, see if you can save some money by testing them. Even if they aren’t in good aesthetic condition, you can refinish most major appliances with appliance enamel and elbow grease. If they cannot be salvaged, shop at resale stores and look for scratch and dent deals.
  • Remove everything inside. If there is any decor or personal possessions left inside, junk these immediately. Now is a great time to bring-in a junk removal service to do the clean out fast so you can get onto the next phase quicker. (Plus, you won’t have to deal with the various recycling and disposal regulations.)
  • Consider repurposing stuff. Just because a dining table set is left behind doesn’t mean it can’t be repurposed or refinished. When you are going through the foreclosure, try to salvage what you can to reuse to keep expenses down to a minimum.
  • Work in only room at-a-time. When you first begin, it’s tempting to move from one room to another to rid them of big items. But this will cause you to miss this and that. What’s more, it’s not an efficient way to do a foreclosure clean out. Work in one room at a time to give it your full attention.
  • Deep clean and then disinfect. Once you’ve got the place emptied out, take advantage and deep clean each room. Then, disinfect every surface. If you need to do any type of demolition work, wait until that’s complete and the build out is done. After that, deep clean and disinfect all areas.
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