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How to Remove a Bathroom Vanity

how to remove a bathroom vanity

You can completely revive an otherwise boring bathroom just by replacing the vanity. Once the bath vanity is uninstalled, you can replace it with an updated one, a pedestal sink, or, even an old dresser or end table. You might have to rip out a bath vanity because of water damage that occurred or you're making, small and strategic improvements to boost the home's resale value. Regardless of the reason, you need to know how to remove a bathroom vanity without tearing up the wall or causing other damage.

How to Remove a Bathroom Vanity

It's important to keep in mind when you remove a bathroom vanity, you'll be dealing with a fixture that's been in-place for a long time. This means you'll probably discover some unpleasant surprises under or behind it. Have cleaning and disinfectant ready to go because you'll need them once the vanity is out of the space. You'll also have to determine what you'll do with the fixture, because you won't be able to just put it on the curb.

Do you have an old tired looking vanity in your bathroom? Well, changing out a bathroom cabinet style vanity can absolutely transform the look of your bathroom. Vanities today come with granite counter tops and beautiful contemporary or traditional designs and can be very well priced.

Another tip before you begin is to get someone to help you. You'll be working in a small, confined space and the vanity will be difficult to get out of the bathroom once it is uninstalled. Even if you can manage to lift it yourself, you'll need a set of helping hands to get it out of the house. Here are the steps to follow for how to remove a bathroom vanity:

  • Empty the cabinet and clear off the surface. The cabinet and surface should be empty so you have the ability to work freely. Empty the cabinet and clear off the surface before you begin the removal process.
  • Remove the mirror from the wall. Next, take the mirror off the wall, if it rests on the vanity. Even if it's hanging well above the vanity, you might consider taking it down temporarily so you don't accidentally break it when you're removing the bath fixture.
  • Turn off the water supply and disconnect the drain and water supply lines. Place a bucket under the water and drain lines, then, turn off the water supply. You can turn the sink on to try to get any residual water out. Then, disconnect both the water supply lines and drain line.
  • Cut through the sealant between the top and back of the vanity and the wall. Using a utility knife, cut through the sealant that's between the top and back of the vanity and the wall. Don't skip this step because you'll probably cause a lot of damage to the wall when you pull the vanity out.
  • Pull the sink out and remove the top of the vanity. Now, you can pry the sink out of the vanity or pry the sink top off the fixture. You'll see where it's connected to the wall now and you can unscrew the retaining screws with a drill driver.

Once the vanity is completely free, you can phone 800-433-1094 or visit AAA Rousse Services to pick it up and haul it away and save yourself time, effort, and money trying to junk it yourself.

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