How to Remove a Wrought Iron Railings

How to Remove a Wrought Iron Railings

Wrought iron railings are nostalgic and have a sophisticated look. You'll see these outside museums, public buildings, historical landmarks, and around residential properties. Because of their materials, these are very durable and provide a long life of functionality. However, over time, weather elements take their toll and wrought iron can become rusted, worn, and damaged. In some instances a bit of sanding and a new coat of weather resistant paint is enough to revive old wrought iron. While in other instances, it can't be refurbished.

How to Remove Wrought Iron Railings

When wrought iron is beyond saving, it should be removed because it poses a safety issue. If someone were to lean or pull on these fragile railings, a fall could be eminent. That's certainly not worth the risk, especially if you own the property the railings are installed on.

Wrought iron railings provide a decorative touch to your outside porches and stairs. Wrought iron posts set in concrete might begin to rust and deteriorate over time, especially if you live in a wet climate. If the posts deteriorate to the point where they are shaky when you push against them, or are even falling out of the concrete, it’s time to remove them. --San Francisco Chronicle

In other circumstances, wrought iron might be in good condition, but clash with a remodeled home or an exterior makeover. In either case it's necessary to uninstall those wrought iron railings. Fortunately, you don't have to be a master contractor or even a handyman to remove those wrought iron railings. All you need is some common hand tools, a little materials, and a set of helping hands. To remove wrought iron railings, you’ll need a drill-driver with different heads, one or two large drop cloths, plastic bag, eye protection, heavy leather gloves, and a pry bar.

  1. Clear the area around the railings. Clear the entire area around the wrought iron railings to have as much room to work with as possible. After the area is clear, you should lay down one or more large drop cloths to help protect the stairs or porch from damage if the wrought iron tips over.
  2. Identify the type of fasteners and remove them. In most instances, you'll find there are sections and these are connected to fasteners. Use a drill-driver to unfasten any screws and place these in a plastic bag so they don't present a safety hazard.
  3. Pry the railing loose from the cement. If the railings have been installed for several years, chances are that even when the fasteners are taken out, the railings won't budge out of place. Other times, the head of the screws will strip and it's not possible to use a drill-driver to remove them. Use a pry bar to break the railing free, if necessary.
  4. Dispose of the old wrought iron railings. This won't exactly be an easy task because wrought iron might be coated in lead-based paint. Instead of going through the hassle of trying to dispose of it yourself, call a junk hauling service to take-care of it for you.

If you can't remove the wrought iron railings but they need to go, have a junk removal service come and pull it out to save you time and frustration.

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