Hurricane Matthew Prevention Tips

hurricane-matthew-prevention-tipsHurricane Matthew is bearing down in the Atlantic and is currently on-track to brush the east coast of Florida. A strange development in the computer forecasting models predict the Category 3 or Category 4 cyclone will actually loop back around for another swipe at the east coast. So, now is the time to prepare for Hurricane Matthew to avoid being vulnerable and unnecessarily lose your valuables or suffer damage to your property. Act now to be ready for storm damage cleanup because it’s likely to be a reality soon.

Hurricane Matthew Prevention Tips in Fort Lauderdale

Hurricanes are such destructive natural disasters because they unleash so many catastrophic components. High winds, heavy rain, flooding, and tornadoes, downed power lines, signs, and trees, all wreak havoc on homes and businesses. What makes hurricanes the single most cataclysmic natural disaster is their long-lasting effects. For hours and hours, high winds and heavy rain batter an area, only to calm during the eye of the storm and then start again for hours longer.
The worst thing that people who live along coastlines can do is not to prepare for tropical storms and hurricanes. According to the National Hurricane Center, the two key factors contributing to weather safety during hurricanes are preparing in advance for the risks and to act on those preparations when alerted by emergency officials. —
This is why flood damage cleanup and hauling is such a vital service. It provides homeowners, investment property owners, and businesses with a critical need. But you can take preventative steps to minimize damage but you must do so proactively. Ideally, you prepared just before the start of hurricane season and only have to run-down a quick checklist. But, if you’ve not already done so, here are some Hurricane Matthew prevention tips:
  • Purchase plenty of supplies. Buy several gallons of bottled water, plenty of dry goods and non-perishables, batteries, chargers, paper goods and toiletries, as well as first aid supplies. Stock up on all day-to-day items and store them in easy to reach, easily accessible places.
  • Know your insurance coverage. Now is the time to go over your insurance coverage. While you won’t be able to add any more protection or amend your policy, you will know what is and is not covered. This is where you should concentrate your efforts to protect as much of your possessions as you can.
  • Make extra copies of documents. If you have important documents (especially hard-copy papers), this is a great time to scan them and store copies in the cloud and/or place them on digital backups like thumb or flash drives.
  • Have an evacuation plan ready-to-go. Unfortunately, when a storm hits, it’s often too late to evacuate without great risk. The fact of the matter is, it’s never too early to form an evacuation plan and never to early to actually evacuate the area. Develop a plan and put it into action before the storm arrives.
  • Clear your property of all junk and secure loose items. If you’re anything like the average property owner, there is a lot of stuff lying about. All those items become deadly projectiles during a tropical storm or a hurricane. Clear your property of all junk and secure loose items.
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