Hurricane Shutter Removal and Disposal Options in Quincy

Hurricane shutter removal isn't necessarily all that difficult. But, it will require some common tools, a set of helping hands, and a bit of time. More often than not, it's the time-consuming nature of this job which posses the greatest challenge. Actually, it's really more about disposal. You see, like several other types of items and construction materials, the local trash collection agency won't be of much help. But, that doesn't mean you're completely stuck. Read on to learn more about hurricane shutter removal and disposal.

Hurricane Shutter Disposal Options in Quincy

Basic hurricane shutter removal begins with assessing how it’s installed and then go from there. But, you’ll also need a plan for their disposal. Since these are made from different types of materials and are rather large, it’s quite likely the local trash collection agency won’t pick them up and haul them away.

Hurricane shutters are a very common sight with homes in a hurricane-prone area. They have been around for years now, but some cynicism does surround the process of making a decision of whether or not to install hurricane shutters. To some people, they give the exterior of your house a rather “ugly” look. They cause visual pollution for anyone who decides to take in your house on a nice day. Hurricane shutters can send their own debris and chips flying into your home. Although this would not always happen, the possibility of it takes the hurricane shutters basic function to trial. --Do It

So, make it easy on yourself and have a local junk removal service come to take them away. Use the opportunity to get rid of a bunch of other unwanted stuff, at the same time. This way, you’ll maximize it and have more storage space around the house.

Hurricane Shutter Removal Guide

Now, onto the actual hurricane shutter removal. This is a somewhat laborious task and its one that will require at least one extra set of helping hands. But, with just a few tools, you can remove those hurricane shutters on your own:

  • Examine the installation. Some storm shutter systems are fastened to rails which, in turn, are fastened to the exterior of the house. While others are simply applied directly to the exterior with removable bolts. Look at the fixture to see how it’s installed.
  • Take the panels off the F-track. If the panels are already installed, you’ll have to remove them first to get to the actual placement system. Set them aside and then continue.
  • Detach the F-track from the exterior. The F-tracks are fastened to the exterior wall with deep retaining screws and can generally be removed with a cordless drill-driver. Here again though, a cordless drill-driver might be insufficient.

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