Indian Rocks Beach Bike Disposal Hacks You can Use

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Bike disposal options are fairly limited. Why? Well, just like with many other types of used possessions, these aren’t exactly in high demand. When you’re ready to unload that bike, just what can you do with it? So, let’s take a look at a few old bike disposal options are available.

Bicycle Repair Estimated Cost

Since a bike is a simple machine when it comes down to it, repair is generally an option. Often times, it’s not all that complex. But, even when it is involved, there are local repair shops which can easily handle the job.

If you are an individual with a bicycle or two, or bicycle parts and accessories to donate for repair, reuse and recycling, it is usually most practical and cost-effective to donate them to a local program. In some areas you have a choice of directing you bike to an organization that will use it internationally or to a domestic program.

Of course, the cost of repair is a huge deal because it can exceed the cost of replacement. If this is the case, it’s just not financially feasible or realistic. Even if the cost isn’t all that much, it’s important to note any bike over ten years in age will really be problematic due to the fact those parts are practically impossible to find.

Indian Rocks Beach Bike Disposal Hacks You can Use

When it comes to bike disposal, you’ll quickly discover there aren’t many choices. But, that’s okay, you do have a few options available. Here are some things you can do with a bicycle when it’s time to move on:

  • Sell it. If it’s still in good working condition, you can sell it or sell it to a local shop for parts. A local bike shop might well be able to give it a little TLC and sell it off. Or, sell it directly with a local, online ad.
  • Repair it. Okay, if you know what’s needed to get it back in working condition, then you can opt to repair it and continue to use it for at least a few years.
  • Donate it. One option (and perhaps the best one, if in good condition) is to donate your old bike. There are different charities which gladly accept used bicycles. Of course, the bike must be in usable condition and it should be fairly generic. (In other words, not over customized.)
  • Junk it. Now, if it’s in bad condition, then you’ll need to go another route. One good solution is to lump it together with a bunch of other unwanted stuff and just junk it all at one time.

When it’s time for bike disposal, go ahead and phone 800-433-1094 or visit AAA Rousse Services.

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