Junk Removal Tip: How to Clean an Outdoor Water Feature in Stuart

clean outdoor water featureLiving here in Florida is like being on vacation all year because of its tropical climate. We are able to enjoy the outdoors and have plenty of recreational opportunities here in the Sunshine State. Unlike other parts of the nation, we have an abundance of sunlight and mild temperatures during the winter, fall, and spring make outdoor entertaining possible at practically any time. Because of this wonderful environment, we are able to extend our living and entertainment areas from inside our homes to out into the backyard. Outdoor kitchens and pools are quite ubiquitous, and we also have an abundance of outdoor water feature choices. Over time, these can become victims of the weather elements, falling debris, and rainwater. Eventually these need more than ordinary care and have to undergo a deep cleaning.

Outdoor Water Feature Maintenance

Unfortunately, keeping a landscape water feature clean and clear isn’t easy. It takes constant netting, re-balancing the water, and equipment maintenance to keep these features looking their best. You might have to add chemicals or in some instances, reline the interior to fix leaks.
An outdoor water fountain makes a nice addition to a backyard or garden. The flow of the water is nice to look at and can also be quite soothing. An outdoor fountain also provides an excellent way to attract birds and other wildlife to your backyard, but keeping it clean requires some regular work. If you do not keep your water fountain clean, you may prevent the availability of clean water to birds. Also, you may notice that the water becomes murky and dirty and the surface of the fountain looks mildewed or dirty. Over time, this will affect its operation. —Do It Yourself.com
With a bit of preventative care, most water features stay clean, but falling twigs, leaves, pollen, and other organic waste, such as rainwater and bird droppings, will have an adverse impact on the water.

How to Clean an Outdoor Water Feature

Here are some ways to clean an outdoor water feature when necessary:
  • Net every other day. Clean the water surface with a net every other day to remove contaminants such as leaves, bugs, pollen, bird waste, and twigs. This will help to give the pump longer life by keeping foreign objects out.
  • Check the pump weekly. Speaking of the pump, you ought to check that weekly or biweekly. Inspect it for leaks, rust, corrosion, and make sure that it’s performing optimally. Replace anything that’s broken right away to avoid having to replace it completely.
  • Prune nearby trees. You should also keep nearby trees pruned to lessen the amount of organic debris that can fall into the water. When exposed to such matter, the foreign objects can cause water to become discolored and/or murky.
  • Use distilled water. If possible, fill the water feature with distilled water to eliminate calcium and fluoride. Both these chemical components can can algae and bacteria to grow, making your water feature appear unsightly.
When you need to remove a water feature, just phone 800-433-1094 or visit AAA Rousse Services.

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