Lake Wales Junk Removal to Avoid Homeowner's Insurance Rate Hikes

Whether you're remodeling or fallen victim of illegal dumping, if you have a large pile of junk on your property, it puts you at risk. Sure, there's always potential for bodily injury. But also, it's very presence is a huge risk factor. And, the more risk there is, the greater the chance something will go wrong. So, if you have a huge mess on your property, you can't ignore it, even if it's the aftermath of inclement weather such as tropical storm debris.

Understanding How Surety Companies Operate

Okay, so you're reluctant to file an insurance claim. That's understandable because every claim filed is recorded by CLUE and A-PLUS, or Claim Loss Underwriting Exchange and Automated Property Loss Underwriting System. Which means every insurance carrier knows about it.

Unfortunately, the decision about whether to file a claim is rarely so simple. In some cases, making a claim may cause an insurance company to raise your rates. In other instances, the decision to file a claim could put your name into a database that makes it difficult to get or maintain coverage in the future.

But, that's not the only thing. In addition, if you do file an insurance claim for what's essentially junk garbage, you'll obviously have to go through the bureaucratic system to get a payout. Sure, this will take some time and probably a good deal of negotiation and follow-up. But, if you don't and just leave that enormous pile of junk lying around, you'll probably face a code violation fine. Not ot mention, the possibility of insurance policy cancellation.

Lake Wales Junk Removal to Avoid Homeowner’s Insurance Rate Hikes

Think about it this way: insurers are risk averse. The more risk present, the more your insurance premium rises, accordingly. It's that simple. Which means you can't ignore risk factors. Do yourself a huge favor and take action. Here's what to do in these situations:

  • Secure the area. Regardless of what "it" is, "it" presents a real risk. (Be it tropical storm debris, remodeling debris, illegal dumping, et cetera.) Take the time to prevent people from accessing it, if possible.
  • Document the scene. You'll also need to document the scene thoroughly. This is where your smartphone will come in handy -- if you have a legitimate insurance claim. Take plenty of pictures and notes.
  • Assess the situation. Next, you'll need to decide whether or not you can clean the mess up on your own. If it's feasible, separate the true trash from the recyclable and any hazardous materials.
  • Schedule junk hauling. If it's just too much for you to handle, on your own or even with a few helpers, call a local junk hauler to clean it up and take it off your property.

If you need junk removal for any space, just phone 800-433-1094 or visit AAA Rousse Services.

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