Life Goes On!

Well, it’s that weekend again… the one that I have started to dread so very much. The one when I will be moving yet again. No, this isn’t a move for the 1st time in 5 years. This is the 3rd move this year. The journey all looks like this… March 1st, I moved from my 800 square foot rental apartment in South Tampa to a 2800 square foot pool home in New Tampa (that a tenant had trashed and I was fixing it) thinking that I would stay there for a while. After about 4 months, I realized that I just simply didn’t need that much space for just my daughter and me, so being the “part time” Real Estate Agent that I am, I put the home on the market. It closed 2 and a half months later which meant that yet again, I was spending a weekend moving. No clue as to where I wanted to settle yet, I asked one of my clients if I could live in their unoccupied home until it sold. Sure enough, the weekend after I moved in, after being on the market a few months already, it went under contract. What did that mean for me? Well it is a month and a half later and I am making my third move. I still am not sure where I am going and quite frankly, I am a little scared. So why am I rambling? Because I have realized that those things that seemed important simply aren’t anymore.

In moving, I have carried around this very large entertainment unit that I bought from Thomasville about 10 years ago. It was my first expensive furniture purchase and I felt that I would hang on to it for life. Things sure have changed as we have flat screen TV’s and no, I cannot fit the one I have now into the current unit. I have thought about repurposing it but can’t seem to find anyone who will do that for me. Needless to say, that entertainment unit has moved with me 5 times during this period and it always is the most bulky piece to maneuver. This would have been the sixth time moving it but alas, I have realized that it is time to get rid of it. The great folks at AAA Rousse are going to be hauling it away for good. Along the way, I have thought about what I would have done differently and how it has impacted my life. I wanted to take the time to share these thoughts with you:

  1. You don’t always know what you want until you really know who you are
  2. Simplify your life by getting rid of the things that are a burden to you
  3. As times change, what was important sometimes becomes irrelevant through changes in the environment that you cannot control
  4. If you cannot do it yourself (move that entertainment unit) then why rely on others to look after things for you (the dings and dents wouldn’t have happened as I am more careful than the movers that I have hired)
  5. After 10 years, you should always reevaluate your journey and know where you are going next
  6. And in the end, Life Goes On no matter what you have or do not have!
Let go of the things that no longer fit with your plans. #getridofentertainmentunit #junkremovaltampa #aaarousse #furnitureremoval

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