Making a Big Move Means Getting Rid of Junk

Making a Big Move Means Getting Rid of Junk

Despite the current housing market, people in the US are moving more than ever before. Moving often means getting rid of junk. It can also be challenging to take the time to get rid of junk and debris when moving from one house to another. What are your options?

Why Do We Move?

In the United States, 46 percent of all moves are based on better housing. Buying a home or moving somewhere cheaper and/or better falls into this category. About 25 percent of all moves are related to a family issue, like a marriage or divorce. About 16 percent of moves are related to work, such as moving to a new job or retiring.

When moving, especially with a family, there are a lot of things to get rid of. This is when a junk removal company comes in handy. Whether it is a big or small job for AAA Rousse, we are capable of handling it.

Whether You Are Moving Out or Moving In

Only a select few people or families are free of unwanted or unneeded belongings. During the process of moving to a new house, these things come to the surface, so to speak. As a matter of fact, it is not unusual for people moving to make some tough decisions and get rid of a lot of things they don't want to pack up and move. The household "junk" pile can include old furniture, old clothes, kids' toys, exercise equipment, and any number of other items. As tempting as it may be, these things cannot be left in the old house or even stashed in the garage. But how do you go about getting rid of the junk?

A Green Alternative

Nothing to worry about! With AAA Rousse, you'll be able to arrange a convenient junk removal session with our friendly and professional junk removal team. Once they arrive, all you need to do is point out where your junk is and we will get to work. We handle the heavy lifting for you, and your junk and debris will be out of the way in no time.

You may find that after unpacking boxes from an entire household, you are left with not only more things you don't want or don't have room for, but also piles and piles of empty boxes!

Once again, no worries!

When you call AAA Rousse, we'll have your unpacked junk and debris taken care of in no time. As a bonus, we always recycle as much as possible of the stuff we haul away.

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