Miami Landlord Renters’ Furniture Junk Removal

landlord renters furniture removalLandlord renters’ furniture removal is just part of the property investment journey. Of course, you can’t rent it out in its current condition because it’s got to be cleaned out and that furniture certainly can’t be in the home when it’s shown to prospective tenants. Obviously, you’ve got to do something with that stuff. But, exactly what and how? Well, let’s take a look at some ways to deal with landlord renters’ furniture removal.

Tenant Possessions’ Landlord Legal Responsibilities

The Disposition of Personal Property Landlord and Tenant Act, found in the Florida Statutes, Sections 715.10-715.111, provides guidelines for what you can and cannot do with personal property that’s been left behind by a former renter. As you might imagine, it prohibits property owners and/or managers from simply throwing out things. In other words, although the tenant is long gone, you just can’t trash it.
Dirty tenants can be landlord’s nightmare, and oh boy, are they expensive! They can bring down the real and perceived value of your rental property. Unclean living conditions will not only damage the property, but they will attract bugs and rodents, and ultimately make it very difficult to re-rent. If you learn to spot a dirty tenant before they become your tenant, you will be able to save yourself a lot of grief. —
But, you aren’t exactly out of options. You do have rights. The trick is to simply go by the rule of law and follow through responsibly. This way, you don’t unwittingly get yourself into a bind over something that’s really not worth the time and effort. So, go the straight and narrow and that will pay off big time.

Miami Landlord Renters’ Furniture Junk Removal

The way to avoid this predicament in the future is to include a waiver clause in the lease, as specified in the Florida Statutes, under Section 83.67(5). Now, that will only help for future tenants. In the meantime, do the following for the best landlord renters’ furniture removal results:
  • Wait at least 15 days. By law, you are bound to wait at least 15 days until you have a legal right to dispose of the former tenant’s junk. (No matter what it is.) But, once 15 days go by, you can offload it.
  • Send a letter to the tenant. You should send a letter to your former tenant, informing him or her their stuff is in storage and it’s their responsibility to come and get it.
  • Place the furniture in storage. Speaking of storage, that’s the perfect location to put the stuff aside. This way, you can go ahead and get the property in showable condition.
  • Go ahead and throw out any trash. While you’re at it, plain old trash and junk garbage aren’t protected under the law. So, feel free to dispose of it to start the cleanup process.
If you need to dispose of furniture left by a renter that has not been reclaimed, then just phone 800-433-1094 or visit AAA Rousse Services.

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