Naples DIY Refrigerator Removal and Disposal Tips and Tricks

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DIY refrigerator removal and disposal. Sounds like a real chore and that’s precisely what it is -- a big chore. The problem being, a refrigerator -- like some other major household appliances -- isn’t just big, bulky, and awkward, it also contains hazardous materials. Read on to learn more about DIY refrigerator removal and disposal.

What to Know about Refrigerator Disposal

So, what’s the big deal? Why can’t you simply cart that thing out to the curb and let the local trash collection agency pick it up and haul it away? Well, because the trash collector won’t collect it, it’s really that simple. In fact, the 1990 Clean Air Act prohibits it. Anything containing CFCs or HCFCs is pretty much off limits.

You’re wasting $65 or more in electricity to run a fridge that’s at the end of its life. Before it breaks and leaves you with a lot of spoiled food on your hands, replace it with an Energy Star qualified fridge or freezer that’s no bigger than you need. They cost only half as much to run and offer advanced technology to keep your food fresher longer. --Energy

Which means, because it contains these specific hazardous materials, it’s just not a candidate for curbside pick up by the local trash collection agency. Although, you can certainly call a junk removal service to deal with it.

Naples DIY Refrigerator Removal

Here are a few suggestions for getting a refrigerator out of your property without violating the law:

  • Sell it. Okay, you’re first inclination is probably to give it away. And, that’s one option (it’s actually the next suggestion) but it’s not the only thing you can do with it. You can try to sell it directly to someone else or to an appliance repair and resale store. Price it cheap or sell it for a steal so it’s out of your hair as quickly as possible.
  • Donate it. You can also donate it if it’s in good and working condition. It might just be a welcome gift to a local shelter and you get a small tax write off, in return. Regardless, it’s a quick fix.
  • Recycle it. If you are buying a new refrigerator, chances are good the retailer will provide a recycling option in exchange for your purchase. However, if you are buying from a used appliance dealer, this might not be an option, specifically if the refrigerator is in bad and/or non-repairable condition.
  • Fix and reuse it. Speaking of a fix, that’s another option. If it’s not working correctly, you can repair it and reuse it. Or, just repair and relocate it as a second unit.

When you need appliance removal and disposal, just phone 800-433-1094 or visit AAA Rousse Services.

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