Old Air Conditioner Unit Disposal Options in Venice

Old air conditioner unit disposal isn’t the easiest thing to deal with. Regardless if it’s a window appliance or a full-size whole-house unit, this will present a number of challenges. The fact of the matter is, any outdated AC unit isn’t a candidate for the curb. And, it’s not like you can just dump it somewhere illegally. So, read on to learn more about old air conditioner disposal and your options for getting rid of it.

What Makes Old AC Unit Disposal so Difficult

As you might already guess, old air conditioner unit disposal isn't done by lugging the thing out to the curb near the street. The local trash collection agency won't pick it up, no matter its size. This is due to the fact these units contain hazardous materials.

As air conditioners get old and worn down, they eventually will have to be replaced. When this occurs, many people are at a loss as what to do with the old air conditioner. If you have an old air conditioner that you need to get rid of, think twice about just putting it out on the curb for the trash collectors to come pick up. All air conditioners have some sort of coolant that requires special care upon disposal. --Hunker.com

That means you can't just rely on the trash collector to pick it up and take it away. Also, you can't wait until someone just happens to come by and haul it away for scrap. Chances are, you'll find yourself hit with a code violation and that's not the way to go.

Old Air Conditioner Unit Disposal Options in Venice

You can put an ad on the internet and try to give it away free to someone who can fix it. Or, simply call a junk removal service to have it hauled away. But, if you want other options, here are some more ways to go about old air conditioner disposal:

  • Call your local electrical power provider. Your electrical power service might have a bounty program you can use. Be sure to ask about any charges or fees and if you need to schedule a specific pick up time with them.
  • Get in touch with the local municipal waste facility. Another option is to call your municipal waste facility and ask about recycling it with them. Again, you'll have to inquire about any fees or charges.
  • Phone a nearby HVAC company to see if they will take it. Although it's a long shot, you can get in touch with a few local HVAC companies to see if there's any interest.
  • Have a junk removal company come by and haul it away for you. The easiest way to deal with it is to have a local junk hauler pick it up and take it away.

When you need old air conditioner disposal done, just phone 800-433-1094 or visit AAA Rousse Services.

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