Old Rattan Patio Furniture Disposal in Dunedin

Old rattan patio furniture is designed to be sturdy and provide many years worth of function. Over time, rattan can lose its aesthetics and its material can begin to show seriously signs of wear and tear. In some instances, damage can be repaired, with a little effort and new materials. However, this isn't always possible. So, you need a way to dispose of it responsibly.

What makes Rattan Patio Furniture Disposal Difficult

The trouble with old rattan patio furniture disposal is the fact that it's just not that easy to offload. First of all, it's old -- so that's a big strike against it. Second of all, it's used, which makes it less than attractive to anyone else.

…considering the cost of sandblasting and paint and the time involved, if the look is all that matters to you, you might be better off going with a stylish reproduction or refurb instead. --DIY Network

Finally, it's large and bulky, which means you can't simply put it out on the curb. The local trash collection agency won't pick it up. Meaning, it will just sit there day after day. That's an invitation for a code violation fine, which is something you definitely don't want to deal with.

Rattan Patio Furniture Disposal in Dunedin

If you believe the outdoor furniture can be saved, the first thing you need to do is test its durability. One way to do this is simply place your foot on the seat of a chair. Slowly exert gradual force to see if there's any give in the rattan. If not, then you might well be able to offload it. Here are a few old rattan patio furniture disposal options you can try:

  • Refurbish it. If it's just the cushions which are worn out, it's easy to replace them. Viola! You've got a brand new set in no time at all. Choose different colors from the originals to give it a whole new look. That's quite a bit of bang for the buck.
  • Give it away. Another option, if it's in good and usable condition, is to give it away. Ask around -- family, friends, coworkers, and others -- to see if there's any interest. You might find someone who'll take it off your hands. Or, even someone who'll give you a little cash. If so, you can use the money to offset the cost of replacement.
  • Junk it outright. Should it be in too rough a shape to redress with new cushions or worn out enough that it's unwanted, then you can just junk it outright. With a simple phone call, you can offload it, along with any unwanted junk.

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