Orlando Garage Sale Money-Making Hacks You can Use

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Garage sale money-making hacks can prove enormously useful. When it comes to hosting a yard sale, there’s much to do to cash-in on stuff. Read on to learn more about the most effective garage sale money-making hacks.

Yard Sale Money-Making Tips

One key difference between a money-making yard sale and one that’s a dud is how the hosts go about the entire process. It actually begins with what seems like an unorthodox approach. This is why garage sales generate an astounding $4.2 million in weekly revenue, according to Consumer Reports. The conventional wisdom usually undermines the entire effort while those who are creative see a lot more cash tumble in through the event.

Would you like to get rid of your clutter and make some money? Garage sales (or yard sales or tag sales) are big business, even if the average selling price of goods is only 85 cents. Just multiply that by the 4,967,500 goods that are sold at garage sales each week, and the total weekly revenue that U.S. garage sales generate is $4,222,375, according to the website StatisticBrain.com. --Consumer Reports

If you’re going to host a yard sale, now is the time to start with a storage unit cleanout to offer as much as possible. The point being, you want to bring a wide variety of items to sell to keep visitors browsing about longer. After all, the more time someone spends looking around, the more likely they are to make a purchase.

Orlando Garage Sale Money-Making Hacks You can Use

If you really want to make some extra money and cut down on all the clutter, you have to do things right. Here are some useful garage sale money-making hacks you can use:

  • Gather stuff well before the event. One of the single best secrets of pro garage sale hosts use is to have a few dedicated boxes to toss things in for months in advance. When something of value, be it large or small, is no longer useful to you, put it in a box. Organize these as you go, so it’s easier to sort and price later on.
  • Advertise smartly. The terms “Garage Sale” and “Yard Sale” imply offloading junk and odds and ends. But, “Estate Sale” and “Moving Sale” gives an entirely different impression. It’s also important to advertise widely and early on, both with physical signage and online, as well.
  • Partner with neighbors. This is some of the best advice because it attracts a larger crowd of people throughout the day. The fact of the matter is, the more people who are present, the better. It’s also a demonstration of why many garage sales aren’t successful — when there are just a few people, others will come to the conclusion there’s nothing worthwhile offered.
  • Price items wisely. You shouldn’t even try to make a profit on what you’re selling. The real goal is to offload as much stuff as you can and that means pricing wisely. Price to entice and don’t take negotiating as an insult. Expect a little haggling and take it in stride.

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