Partition Wall Removal: How to Guide

partition wall removalYou’re tired of living in a boxed-in space and want to open things up a bit. The only problem is there’s a partition wall standing stubbornly in your way. Well, if it isn’t a load bearing wall, meaning that it helps to support part of your home, you can simply knock it down. Now, you’ve probably seen those do it yourself shows where a contractor or homeowner just takes a sledgehammer and starts belting away at a wall. While that’s certainly part of the process, it’s what’s left on the editing room floor that’s most important.

How to Do a Partition Wall Removal

First, you need to determine if it’s just there to define a space or there to hold up part of your home. If it is a load bearing wall and you take it out, the house won’t necessarily collapse, but you will notice over time sagging and eventually, there will be major and costly problems. You can determine if it’s a load bearing wall by looking at the joists. Bearing walls are typically situated at right angles to the joists. However, this isn’t always the case.
As a homeowner, you should be able to tell which walls in the house are bearing walls and which are partition walls. This knowledge is useful if you are planning any major interior renovations that will require opening up a space or moving a wall. You will be able to estimate the difficulty of the job and get a rough estimate of the costs involved. You will also be in a position to evaluate the construction as it progresses and be certain that the builders are maintaining the structural integrity of your house. —Chicago Tribune
Support columns are also a key indicator of which walls do or don’t support weight. If you are unsure about the function of a wall, you should call in a professional to determine if it’s load bearing or not. Once you know for certain that it’s just a partition wall, you can easily remove it by doing the following:
  • Turn off the power. Partition walls can serve more than one purpose. Although their main function is to divide and define a space, these can also be a handy place for electrical outlets. If there are any of these present, you’ll have to shut off power to them on the main electrical panel and remove the wiring. If you aren’t completely comfortable with this type of work, don’t take the chance and have an electrician do it for you.
  • Protect the floor. Before you start swinging away with a sledge, you should lay down plastic or drop cloths to protect the floor. It’s also advisable to partition off the space with plastic to prevent dust and debris from broadcasting through nearby spaces.
  • Tear down the partition wall. Put on a dust mask, eye protection, and heavy boots. Then, use a sledgehammer to break through the middle of the wall. Look inside to see if there are any other systems hidden away. If not, you can just demolish the wall with a sledge and pry bar.
With the partition wall removed, you can now start the finishing work for aesthetics. If you need help with renovation cleanup and disposal, we are only a call away. Just phone 800-433-1094 or visit AAA Rousse Services and we’ll come out to lend a helping hand. We serve the entire state of Florida and have a location near you to help out.

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