Punta Gorda Kitchen Countertop Removal and Disposal

Punta Gorda Kitchen Countertop RemovalKitchen counter removal. Sounds really tough, right? Well, it’s actually not something that’s too hard. In fact, just about anyone can do kitchen counter removal. But, you do need to be cautious to avoid damaging the base. Read on to learn how to go about kitchen counter removal.

Remodeling Debris Disposal

Planning is the best part of any home improvement project. It’s critical to lay out the scenario from start to finish so you know precisely where you stand all through the process. Of course, this means having a plan of action for remodeling debris disposal. Make no mistake, the mess will pile up quickly and get out of control fast. This is why you need to schedule junk removal in advance so you can stay on track.

You can easily remove a laminate kitchen countertop yourself if you are replacing it or renovating your kitchen. Although this does require some elbow grease and a little sweat and time, it is definitely within the skill range of the average DIYer. Of course, when removing your countertop, you will want to have a new one on hand to replace it so you don’t have to be without working space very long. --Do It Yourself.com

When you take up the kitchen countertop, you’ll discover all sorts of surprises. These can easily include pleasant memories and a whole lot of nasty. You just might discover an abandoned pest colony or encounter other unpleasantries. Regardless, you’ll need a way to deal with the debris, which is where junk hauling comes into play. The point is to be prepared for each phase of the project.

Punta Gorda Kitchen Countertop Removal

Kitchen countertop removal isn’t that difficult. Although, you need to proceed with caution. This is especially true if you’re going to keep the same cabinet base and/or walls. It’s also a good idea to have a set of helping hands to make it easier. Here are the steps for old kitchen countertop removal you can follow:

  • Pull out the kitchen sink. The first step is to remove the kitchen sink. Turn off the water supply and then turn on the faucet to let any water drain out. Then, disconnect the water lines. (Place a bucket under the lines to catch any water.)
  • Tear down the backsplash. Next, it's time to remove the backsplash. This is typically done simply by stripping it away from the wall. Do this carefully so you don't damage the wall and create more work for yourself.
  • Pry the countertop up and off. With the sink removed and the backsplash off the wall, it's time to pull the countertop off the cabinet base. Examine the fixture to learn how it's fastened to the base. Then, take the countertop off the base.
  • Remove all fasteners, like nails and screws. After the countertop is off the base, pull off the fasteners and hardware. (If you're replacing the base, then just pull it apart.)

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