Removing and Disposing of Your Old Gazebo

Removing and Disposing of Your Old Gazebo

It is not necessarily difficult to remove a gazebo yourself, but it is quite laborious and time-consuming. Like removing an above-ground swimming pool from a property, it's going to take time and more than one set of hands. Clear the area immediately surrounding the gazebo so you have plenty of room to work without tripping hazards. Consider repurposing the gazebo materials if they are salvageable. For instance, there might be enough wood to build a bench or table.

DIY Gazabo Removal

It is very similar to taking down a shed, where the entire structure is disassembled, so having another pair of hands can make it easier. Identify any obstacles or problems first. If it's near a pond or pool, you'll have to take it down away from it. Prior to demolition, contact the local utility provider if there are electrical lines or other utility lines nearby.

Before you begin, make sure the area is secure, meaning children and pets will not be there. There are parts of the gazebo that are heavy and unwieldy. Consider what you'll do with the empty, damaged space underneath. When you remove the gazebo from your property, a big brown patch of grass will appear as an eyesore. Lay new sod or add another feature after aerating the soil.

Take everything out of the interior first. Anything that is standing or hanging inside the gazebo must be removed, including benches, chairs, and tables. This also includes wind chimes, plants, and other items. Using a pry bar, remove all the trim from the gazebo. Place the trim in a pile out of the way as you remove it. The next step is to remove the roof. With caution, separate the rafters from the walls, one at a time, to remove the gazebo roof. The walls can be removed after the roof has been removed. The base must also be dismantled. Use a reciprocating saw to dismantle the base of the structure.

Leave the Removal and Disposal to the Professionals

While you know there is no reason to not demolish that gazebo, even the thought of doing it yourself can be exhausting. Whether the gazebo is a simple or an elaborate one, there are demolition techniques that are not possible for a common person to know. Additionally, it can take a lot of time if you try to do it alone. There are some people who do not have the time or patience to do this. Moreover, you will be required to properly examine the condition of the current gazebo if you are planning to construct a new one on the same foundation. Call AAA Rousse instead of attempting this project alone. To demolish and remove a gazebo efficiently, AAA Rousse understands the needs of our customers. To dismantle the gazebo without affecting the rest of the property, we use the most modern tools and equipment available. We ensure that the work is done safely and in a timely manner.

Gazebo Disposal

Gazebo Disposal

Following the demolition of the gazebo, all debris will be removed, leaving the area where the deck once stood neat and tidy. You do not need to load the gazebo debris into a truck and dispose of it properly on your own. Your gazebo debris will be safely and responsibly disposed of by our professional gazebo removers. Don't hesitate to call AAA Rousse if you need your gazebo removed and disposed of. From beginning to end, we'll take care of it for you!

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