Seminole Above Ground Pool Removal Hacks

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Above ground pool removal is a big job to undertake, requiring few tools but a lot of labor from beginning to end. Easy to maintain and deliver all the fun of their inground counterparts, above ground pools lack in longevity. These become dilapidated over time and it’s helpful to know the best above ground pool removal tips.

About Above Ground Pool Removal

Tearing down an above ground swimming pool requires a substantial amount of hands-on work. It’s not a fast process and can take one or more weekends to complete. For those with a deck surround them, the amount of work will be greater. Depending on the size and its location on your property, it could conceivably take more than two or three days to complete. What’s more, you’ll have to dispose of the materials thereafter.

There are several reasons for taking an above ground pool down, but regardless of why you are doing it, the concern is how to do it. When you take the pool apart, it is important to do it in the proper order so that nothing, including yourself is at risk. If you have the original boxes that all of the parts came in, it is a big help in the dismantling process, but by no means is it essential.

It might also require partial or total chain link fence removal, either permanent or temporary, to get the debris or reusable tools off your property.

Seminole Above Ground Pool Removal Hacks

As for taking the above ground pool apart, you’ll need to follow a few guidelines. Here are some helpful above ground pool dismantling tips you can use:

  • Drain the pool. Some people choose to puncture the metal through the inner liner and let it drain out in a particular direction. There are also pumps available you can use to siphon all the water out of the pool.
  • Remove the liner. Next, you’ll take the liner out of the pool. Here again, proceed with caution if you’re going to reuse it. Work in a circle to fold it up and then put it off to the side.
  • Take down each individual wall. Now, you can remove each separate wall from the frame. Generally, there are two metals involved — aluminum and steel. You should separate these if you’re going to scrap the whole thing or if you plan to put the pool up again.
  • Sod the area where the pool stood. After you’ve taken the whole pool down, you can then sod the spot where it stood to conceal its presence.

If you have an above ground swimming pool to dismantle and dispose of on your property, phone 800-433-1094 or visit AAA Rousse Services.

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