Top Leftover Paint Uses

leftover paint usesLeftover paint can easily be found in just about every home in the country. That’s because it’s more than common for people to refresh spaces and purchase too much paint. So, those half-used cans sit and collect dust in the garage or shed. But, if you’ve rediscovered leftover paint, you’ll be happy to know there are some good uses for it.

What to Know about Leftover Paint Disposal

One of the biggest reasons for leftover paint uses is because it’s just not that easy to dispose. Paint, regardless of type, is considered a hazardous material. So, you can’t just put it out on the curb for trash pick up. If you do, those cans will remain there day after day. To get rid of leftover paint, you either have to dispose of it according to your city’s hazardous materials guidelines or use it up.
If you’re sitting on a stash of leftover paint, you have a gold mine when it comes to home decorating. With a little imagination and creative flair, you can use paint leftovers to give your home extra appeal, and have lots of fun in the process. —Paint Quality Institute
Most people will prefer the latter option because it’s far less hassle. And, they get full use out of it and avoid wasting money. So, whether you need to prep for an open house, just want to spruce up a space, or do something completely different, that leftover paint has uses.

Top Leftover Paint Uses

Go ahead and pull that leftover paint out of storage. Then, you can put it to good use. All you need is a bit of imagination and some creativity. With just a drop cloth, a brush, roller, and some time, you can try the following leftover paint uses:
  • Repaint old furniture. If you have some old furniture that’s really beginning to look its age, that leftover paint is the perfect solution. With a new coat of paint, you can transform old furniture into new furniture without going through the expense and hassle of replacement. Plus, you can mix and match, if you like for a bit of an eclectic feel.
  • Make an accent wall. One great decor feature is an accent wall. Here, you can let your mind go free and create something unique. Plus, if you want, you can actually use more than one color. There are plenty of examples to follow so you get the look you most want.
  • Refresh a built-in. Why not remake that dull built-in? With your leftover paint, it’s a cinch to give it a completely different and new look. Here again, like the furniture and accent wall, you’re not restrained to just one color.
  • Embellish cabinets. A wonderful way to totally transform a kitchen is to make small, simple changes. And, leftover paint is one great way to do so without much effort. Repaint the kitchen cabinets for a whole new look.
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