Top Live Oak Tropical Storm Alberto Cleanup Tips

tropical storm cleanupTropical storm cleanup is a stubborn reality. As Alberto and other storms have proven, these strong inclement systems can really do a whole lot of damage. With high winds and much rainfall, there’s always a distinct chance damage will occur. And, it can happen to any property as the system passes or in the aftermath of the storm. When it does occur, it’s best to take action right away to begin to address any issues so they don’t worsen as time goes on.

Tropical Storm Damage Prevention

As most Floridians know, covering windows and laying sandbags are two smart precautions. Also, securing any free objects such as lawn or patio furniture, and more. When the winds begin to increase and gusts join in the storm, anything that’s not tied down becomes a projectile. Additionally, trees and other landscaping are at-risk, particularly those which are old in age or already damaged.
For many people, when a terrible storm hits, it’s the aftermath that is the worst. Debris, flood waters, power outages, broken tree limbs, shattered glass, piles of snow— these are all dangerous risks once a hurricane, tornado, or nor’easter makes its way through a town or community. —This Old
So, it’s a good idea to keep trees trimmed to minimize any future damage. Also, to have plenty of supplies like dry goods, a sizable amount of water, batteries, and more necessities on-hand. It’s all part of living in an area that suffers the impact of tropical systems from time to time.

Top Live Oak Tropical Storm Alberto Cleanup Tips

Now, let’s get to the top tropical storm cleanup tips. After the system moves away from the area, you’ll first need to take a quick assessment of your property. Additionally, take a look at the trees and your vehicles. Then, do the following:
  • Document any damage. If there is any damage to your house, car, or other property, you need to document it right away. Take plenty of pictures, accompanied by notes. Be as detailed as possible and make copies of all your documentation so you don’t accidentally lose it.
  • Estimate repair work. Depending on the amount and extent of the damage, it might well be necessary to hire one or more contractors to make repairs. If this is the case, get at least three estimates from licensed and reputable contractors.
  • Prevent further damage from happening. Typically, the insurance company requires policyholders to take preventative measures when and where possible to keep any more damage from occurring. If you don’t, you might not have a valid claim or receive a smaller payout.
  • File an insurance claim, if necessary. If there is sufficient damage, can can then file an insurance claim. Be sure to speak with an attorney if the damage is substantial.
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