Wakulla Springs Wall Paneling Removal and Replacement Guide

wall panelling removalWall panelling removal is not very difficult. But, it can actually be quite time consuming because once it’s off, you’ve got to recover the framing. And, that can easily take a whole lot of time. Wall panelling is an inexpensive alternative to other finishes. It was very popular back in the 1970s and even through part of the 1980s — much like popcorn ceilings. But, it’s certainly lost its appeal because it looks cheap. So, if you’re thinking about wall panelling removal and replacement, you’re not alone.

Wall Panelling Replacement Options

Perhaps the most widely used finish is drywall (or sheetrock). It’s relatively easy to care for and paint makes all the difference in the world. Plus it’s not as expensive as some other materials, like shiplap. Some people just simply drywall over wall paneling because it provides another layer of insulation and makes hanging drywall a bit less complicated.
Removing wood paneling is not a particularly difficult job in and of itself. Removing the paneling and not damaging it, or removing the paneling and replacing it with drywall, can be a more difficult task. Having a good sense of what is behind your paneled walls will dictate the amount of work involved in the project. —San Francisco Gate.com
Then, there’s another option — covering the wall paneling with wallpaper or a couple to a few coats of interior paint. Yet another alternative is to stain or whitewash wall paneling to give it a completely new look. (This works well for more rustic settings and themes.) However, the majority of people go with drywall because it’s generally the best choice.

Wakulla Springs Wall Paneling Removal Guide

Now, let’s get to the wall paneling removal part of the equation. Don’t make the mistake of just hammering into it to tear it down. Instead, take precautions and start by turning off the power to any outlets in the walls by shutting off the circuit breakers on the main electrical panel. Then, do the following:
  • Gather the necessary tools. You’ll need drop cloths, leather gloves, pry bars, claw hammers, eye protection, dust masks, and a large trash container.
  • Spread drop cloths around. Place the drop cloths on the floor where you’ll start to help catch dust and other debris that comes loose when you begin to remove the paneling from the framing.
  • Take the trim off the wall. Before you pull the paneling down, be sure to remove the trim from the top and bottom. Any baseboards or other trim should first be removed and placed out of the way. Also, remove any outlet and switch covers.
  • Uninstall the panelling from the wall. Next, you can then pry the paneling carefully off the wall frame. Do this with caution so you don’t disturb any electrical wiring behind the paneling.
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