Ways to Repurpose Old Furniture

repurpose old furnitureThere’s little else that’s as frustrating as trying to offload old furniture. You can’t put it on the curb because the local trash collection service won’t take it. It might be a candidate for an estate sale. But, you can’t sell it because it’s in too bad of shape. You can’t even give it away by donating it because it’s in such bad shape. So, you think that you’re stuck with having to rent a truck, break your back and load it up, and pay a hefty disposal fee at the local landfill. The only other option you have but don’t dare do is to pile it up and set it ablaze–that’s going to be costly when the fire department shows-up. What’s more, there’s simply no reason to take a change and dump it illegally because that too will be costly.

Ways to Repurpose Furniture

Instead of trying to offload your old furniture, give it new life. What’s no longer acceptable as a couch or is a worn through bed, can serve an entirely new purpose. All you have to do is get a little creative, throw-in a bit of elbow grease, and then marvel at your creation. When you have guests, they’ll definitely take notice and you’ll feel great when the compliments are made.
Your old furniture can find new life in a different capacity, often with simple additions or alterations. You may also be able to refurnish your home at a reduced price by using old furniture found in antique or consignment stores and repurposed. While refinishing furniture can give it a new look, repurposing furniture can give your home a personalized decor that no one else will have. —eHow.com
With all this in mind, you’ll have the necessary motivation to get started and repurpose your old furniture. The good news is that you don’t need to be a woodworker or contractor and don’t need specialized tools to do it. Here are some ideas to get you started:
  • Turn an old chair into a swing. Just take off the legs, along with any fabric, sand it down to the wood, and then paint and waterproof it. Then, attach ropes and fasten eye bolts to your porch and enjoy! To make it even more comfortable, put a weatherproof seat cushion on it and a cushy back rest, then rock gently away.
  • Transform a headboard into a coat rack. Take that worn out headboard and give it new life, with lots of function by making it into a coat rack. Just like the chair, you’ll sand it and paint it. Then, equip it with hooks and fasten it to the entry wall.
  • Remake a coffee table into an outdoor porch table. Coffee tables are quite versatile, and, you can tap into their many functions by making it into a porch table. If it has a broken glass top, that’s okay. You can use plywood to fill the gap. Here again, sandpaper and paint will be part of the transformation, along with waterproofing.
  • Convert a dresser into book and picture shelves. Pull out the drawers, take off the front of each one, then put the drawers back in the dresser. You can then refinish it, or, distress it, and use it as a bookcase or place to put pictures.
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