Ways to get rid of an old bed

It’s a simple fact of life, a mattress and its box spring won’t be used forever. At some point, the mattress will begin to sag and stains are inevitable over their life. Fraying around the corners and ends will begin to appear, turning into larger and larger tears. It becomes downright uncomfortable, or, worse yet, infested with bedbugs. Once these little nuisances burrow into your bedroom, they are quite difficult to be rid of for good.AAA Rousse Services will remove these contagious items for a special price.

Ways to Get Rid of an Old Bed

One of the largest problems on your hands is in your bedroom. That old bed, its frame, mattress, and box spring, are prime candidates for the junkyard, but not so fast. Since most mattresses weigh-in at about 50 to 70 pounds and take-up about 25 cubic feet of space, these aren’t typically welcome at landfills. In fact, the majority of landfills have banned mattresses and box springs outright.

The problem is that almost all of these mattresses end up in landfills, where they take up a lot of space, create flammable air pockets, and damage compression equipment. On average, 300 mattresses and box springs arrive at a single landfill in one day. Take a look at these tips to see how you can avoid sending your used mattress straight to the landfill. But first, make sure you actually need to get rid of your mattress. Often a good memory foam mattress pad or a different support platform can make all the difference — not just saving the environment, but also saving your money. —Houzz.com

This isn’t to say that you’re stuck with your old bed, though it may feel that way after you took the time to lookup acceptable curbside collection items and found these on the prohibited list. You’ve just got to think a bit more creatively. Try one or more of the following suggestions to get rid of an old bed:

  • Donate it to a shelter. If the frame, mattress, and box spring are still in relatively good condition, you might have some luck in donating to a homeless or other type of shelter. You should call ahead to see if there’s a need and what condition is acceptable.

  • Take it apart and sell the frame. You can actually break down the mattress and box spring to repurpose for other uses. The same goes with the frame, or, simply put it out on the curb or list it for free online to give-away.

  • Put it on consignment, if in good condition. Should the bed be in pretty good condition, you might be able to put it on sale at a consignment store. Be aware that it’s got to be in really good shape to be accepted.

  • Call a junk hauling and removal service. When there’s no other option, don’t fiddle with the notion of dumping it somewhere. Being caught comes with a hefty fine, and, a whole lot of hassle. Instead, phone a junk hauling and removal service.

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