What to Do with a Jet Ski that Doesn’t Work

As the weather warms across the Sunshine State of the Florida peninsula, it’s time to get back to the water and enjoy plenty of outdoor recreation. That includes dusting off your old jet ski to take it for a ride over the waves. When you haul it out and pull off the cover, you check the gas and give the personal water craft a once over. Everything looks good and then, you try to fire it up but the engine doesn’t turn over; in fact, it won’t even crank.

A very unsettling and stark realization begins to set-in quickly, it’s finally at the end of its life. Before you try to get rid of your jet ski, you can troubleshoot it and get it running once again. Check the spark plug, the filters, and all those small engine parts. If you can’t your jet ski to run, then you’ll have the unfortunate and difficult task of getting rid of it.

What to Do with a Jet Ski that Doesn’t Work

One option is to take it to a salvage service, which will part it out and might give you some money for the personal watercraft. Another thing you can do is to take it apart yourself or leave it as is and publish an internet ad and let someone else pay you a bit of money to try and get it working again.

jet skis are a type of machine called a personal watercraft which is designed to be used with a single person. Early models of jet ski required the user to stand on the machine to maneuver it on the water. When problems occur with the machine, you need to find the cause. One common problem that can occur with the jet ski is when the engine does not start. —eHow.com

Should your jet ski still be in good condition, even though it doesn’t run, you might be able to donate it to a local charity. Some charities will either auction it or sell it but since it doesn’t work, may not take it because of the cost to get it in running condition. A local rental service might also take it off your hands, opting to fix it to rent out to paying customers.

If none of the options are feasible, then just call a junk hauling and removal service to pick it up and take it away. You’ll pay a small fee but it won’t be much and certainly a lot less hassle than the cost of the disposal fee at the local collection facility. You can also opt to sell the trailer separately, recoup the cost of the junk hauling service, and even make money on the transaction. This way, you’ll be rid of your old jet ski and get a little bit of money from the trailer sale.

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