Yard Sale Strategies in Cape Coral


Yard sale strategies can help you take in a lot more money. With the right plan, you can earn a little extra cash. Even if you’ve been through the process before, with a few hacks, you’ll be able make it worthwhile. This is due to the fact that too many people do the whole thing wrong. But, if you have a solid game plan, you’ll love what you get out of it. Read on to learn more about the best yard sale strategies.

The Importance of Organization

Most people don’t have a plan for their garage sale. There's no yard sale strategies. They simply cart out some card tables, scatter all their wares out, tack a few signs to polls, and sit back and wait only to wonder why so few people show-up. That’s where money-making garage sale hacks come in handy.

Would you like to get rid of your clutter and make some money? Garage sales (or yard sales or tag sales) are big business, even if the average selling price of goods is only 85 cents. Just multiply that by the 4,967,500 goods that are sold at garage sales each week, and the total weekly revenue that U.S. garage sales generate is $4,222,375, according to the website StatisticBrain.com. --Consumer Reports

It’s because there’s no game plan, a recipe for disappointment. To actually make it more than just a little worthwhile, you need to get ready well in advance of the day and have a strategy. This way, you’ll enjoy a money-making garage sale.

Yard Sale Strategies in Cape Coral

If you want to have a successful garage or yard sale, you don’t rush into it. That’s a great way to sabotage yourself and bring on a whole lot of frustration without much to show for your time and effort. Instead, use these yard sale strategies:

  • Advertise smartly. The terms “Garage Sale” and “Yard Sale” imply offloading junk and odds and ends. But, “Estate Sale” and “Moving Sale” give an entirely different impression. It’s also important to advertise widely and early on, both with physical signage and online, as well.
  • Price stuff wisely. You shouldn't even try to make a profit on what you're selling. The real goal is to offload as much stuff as you can and that means pricing wisely. Price to entice and don't take negotiating as an insult. Expect a little haggling and take it in stride.
  • Team up with your neighbors. There's definitely power in numbers and the more participation there is between neighbors, the better. The event will attract far more people and it also creates a more exciting environment.
  • Start the sale on Thursday or Friday. Most people begin their sales on Saturday and some opt to start on Sunday. But, starting it on Thursday or Friday are actually better times, particularly if it begins at 6 a.m. or 7 a.m. You'll be seen by school and work commuters and that will benefit you greatly.
  • Engage visitors and be friendly. Don't spend your time reading a book, talking on the phone, or on social media. Mingle with people who visit and be friendly. Your efforts will result in more sales and for more money.

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