4 Top Gulfport Old Picnic Table Disposal Options

old picnic table disposal optionsOld picnic table disposal options are handy bits of information. That is, if it’s time to make a change and upgrade. Or, just take back a little bit of space in the yard for something else. So, what can you do with an old picnic table? Plenty. In fact, there are several choices for the do-it-yourself enthusiast. All you need is a little imagination, some common hand and power tools, and a bit of elbow grease.

Old Picnic Table Restoration Guide

Before you just resign yourself to getting rid of it, think carefully about restoring it for continued use. If it’s in salvageable condition, you can simply take off all the worn hardware and replace any wood parts. Remove the rotten and rusted parts and then sand it down. If painted, strip off the paint. Once sanded, you can then replace anything that’s necessary. Then, treat it with weather resistant and finish it with stain or paint.
Do not let an old decrepit picnic table set the tone for your home’s curb appeal. Bring charm and purpose to this once-functional, now-forgotten piece of outdoor furniture by using a variety of techniques to repurpose and reinvent it into something gorgeous. Whoever said that picnic tables were only for picnics never pictured using it for anything else. —San Francisco Gate
Once you’re done, you can continue to use it for many years to come in the future. But, not all picnic tables make for good restoration candidates. If this is the case, dismantle the whole table, starting with the top boards. Once those are removed from the frame, take the seats off the frame. Then, disassemble the frame itself.

4 Top Gulfport Old Picnic Table Disposal Options

Although, you don’t necessary have to junk it outright. You can still use the materials and frame for a few different things. Here are some old picnic table repurposing options you can try out:
  • Part it into benches. With just a little imagination and the right cuts and additions, you can create two or more benches. Then, place these elsewhere in the yard or put them somewhere else.
  • Use it as a workbench. Simply remove the seats and raise the legs a bit to remake it into a functional workbench. Use the wood removed for another purpose, such as shelving.
  • Transform it into shelving. Speaking of shelving, you can completely transform that picnic table into usable shelving. Take it apart and use the various parts to make it into shelving to use inside, in the garage, or elsewhere.
  • Make it into a rustic dining table. Another option is to revive it by refurbishing it. Use the guide above to restore that picnic table and then make it into a rustic dining table.
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