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Furniture Removal Services

Discarding old furniture or even items that are just no longer wanted can present a number of challenges. Even though this seems like a very simple and straightforward task, that's far from the reality that people encounter on a regular basis. In fact, this is the reason these services even exist in the first place. It's not just for the benefit of property managers and real estate investors, but also for everyday people who are downsizing, moving, buying, or selling a home or even a rental property. After all, it is very difficult to wrangle and snack such large items, including couches, love seats, oversized chairs, end tables, beds, nightstands, and more.

Even smaller things like television stands and children's desks can also present problems as all of those little things add up to be a lot. This is what we are here for to pick up and haul away household furniture. Which frees up your time and helps you avoid very unpleasant scenarios.

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Furniture Disposal Benefits

There's much more to junking furniture than just driving it over to the local dump, a recycling facility, or a charity. First of all, it's necessary to have the right vehicle, which often means a large pickup truck, or a truck and trailer. If you don't have these items yourself, you'll either have to hit up a family member or friend for a favor or rent the equipment. If it is the latter scenario, you'll not only pay for the rental but also have to refuel it. Regardless, it will still be up to you to do all of the heavy lifting. You will have to load all that stuff up yourself and then secure it properly to transport it to unload. Once you reach your destination, the job is far from over and will also require a fee.

Once you pay up, you have to offload all of those things yourself, and when you take into consideration all of these moving parts, it adds up to an entire day or more, depending on how many trips are needed to get rid of everything. Conversely, you can hire a crew to do all that for you, and it won't take up much of your time, freeing you to get on with more important tasks.

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Commercial Services

  • Trash Clean Up
  • Backyard Kids Playground Removal
  • Construction Debris
  • Outdoor Junk Removal
  • Commercial Appliance Removal
  • Ask us about any odd job
Palm Harbor Cleanout Service

Home Services

  • Junk Hauling
  • Furniture removal
  • Household junk removal
  • Entire house cleanouts (All Furniture, Clothes, Debris)Entire Condo cleanouts (All Furniture, Clothes, Debris)
  • Hot Tub Removal, Jacuzzi or Spa
  • Garbage Clean Up & Disposal
  • Ask us about anything to be dismantled and removed!

Property Services

  • Storage Unit Cleanout Service
  • Shed Removal
  • Above-Ground Swimming Pool Dismantle and Disposal
  • Garage Cleanouts
  • Estate Cleanouts
  • Hoarder Cleanouts, Clean Up & Haul Away Service
Palm Harbor Property Clean Up Service

Business Services

  • Debris Removal, Cleanup, and Hauling
  • Yard Waste Hauling
  • Foreclosure Cleanouts
  • Office Furniture Removal
  • Flood Damage Cleanup and Hauling
  • Entire Office Cleanouts (Anything and Everything)

Will the Garbage Pick Up Service Pick Up Old Furniture on the Curb?

The answer varies from waste collection company to garbage collection company. Some will accommodate such pickups but usually charge a fee per item. What's more, there are often restrictions on the size or the amount. After all, even those large garbage trucks have to make many stops, and they simply can't fit oversized items.

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Can’t I just Toss some Furniture into a Dumpster around the Block or Rent a Dumpster?

The answer to the first part of the question is most assuredly a no. It's called illegal dumping for a reason, and you risk being hit with a very expensive fine if you get caught. Plus, the chances are very high you will get caught since there are cameras everywhere nowadays. If you choose to rent a container, you'll have to select the right one and you'll still have to do all the work yourself. Moreover, if you rent one that's too small, you'll need to fill it out more than once, upping the cost. On the flip side, if you rent one that's too large, you've wasted money on wasted space.

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Who will Haul Away and/or Recycle Unwanted Furniture?

When you schedule a furniture pick-up with us, a dedicated team will come out at a predetermined time that works for you and will do all of the lifting and transport. So, you really don't have to do anything more than make an appointment.

What about Offloading Office Furniture?

Sure, we also handle office furniture hauling, for desks, chairs, cubicles, conference tables, filing cabinets, and anything else inside the space. Just give us a call to schedule a day and time.

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