Apollo Beach Old Picnic Table Disposal Options

old picnic table disposalOld picnic table disposal is a little more tricky than one would suppose. After all, it’s just wood with a few nails and bolts, right? So, why should it be a problem at all? Well, there’s the matter of size, more than anything. Sure, you could put it out on the curb and hope someone picks it up. But, if the local trash collector doesn’t, then you’re stuck. And, that could get you a code violation fine. Better find another picnic table disposal alternative.

How to Restore a Picnic Table

Of course, you could always opt to restore the picnic table. If it’s still in usable condition (meaning that it’s structurally sound), you can simply hose it down, scrub it with dish soap, and then let it dry. Thereafter, sand it to smooth the surface, especially the seats, and brush away the dust.
Wooden picnic tables are perfect for bringing your family together. Not only are they a great spot for a summer lunch, but also they’re easy to upkeep. If your wooden picnic table is looking old, consider refinishing its surface instead of spending money on a replacement. —Do It Yourself.com
From there, all you need to do it apply a couple of coats of paint or stain and then sealant to finish. Once it’s done, you’ll have a brand new table to use for many years to come. (You might need up to three coats of paint or stain to get the right look.)

Apollo Beach Old Picnic Table Disposal Options

But, that’s not the only thing you can do with an old picnic table. You can also transform it for other uses. Let’s take a look at some other picnic table disposal options or alternative uses you can try:
  • Build a storage bin or box. If you need a storage box or bin, this is a great opportunity to do just that. Disassemble the table and then use the wood to create a storage bin or box for firewood, compost, mulch, or whatever.
  • Turn it into a workbench. With just a few modifications, you can turn it into a workbench. Simply remove the seats and rearrange the legs to give you a big workspace where you need it.
  • Make custom shelving. Of course, there’s always the shelving option. You can disassemble the table, then use the wood to create shelves for the garage, shed, or somewhere else.
  • Transform it into benches. Yet another option is to make it into a set of benches. Use the wood to create benches. Put your imagination to use. With just some paint or stain, you could build a few different benches for use in one or more spaces.
If you need old furniture disposal of any kind, just phone 800-433-1094 or visit AAA Rousse Services.

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