How to Convert a Garage into a Workshop

how to convert a garage into a workshop

How to convert a garage into a workshop is mostly about knowing what you’ll need for its new purpose. In other words, if it’s going to be a woodworking space, you’ll need a lot of tool organization, plus plenty of electrical outlets, lighting, and climate control. So, it’s important you know what you’re going to need to put in the space to ensure you have the room. Take some rough measurements to know the approximate square footage.

How to Convert a Garage into a Workshop in Orlando

Like emptying out a self storage unit, you can take this opportunity to make money by selling unwanted and unused items to help offset the cost of converting your garage into a workshop. Once you have a rough estimate of the square footage, take some time to draw a map of the garage empty. Then, use it to plan out where you’ll put what and don’t forget to leave enough room to easily navigate around the space.

Converting a garage into a workshop provides space for car enthusiasts, woodworking hobbyists and anyone else who needs room for his favorite activity. The design and complexity of a garage conversion will vary, depending on the intended use and available space. Whatever the intended use, converting a garage to a workshop will generally include projects such as electrical upgrades, additional lighting and ventilation. —San Francisco Gate

Play around with different space designs to try to maximize function. You’ll probably discover by moving a few things around, a better use of the space. In addition, remember to use vertical space where you can, for hanging tools and accessories rather than taking up drawers in a big tool box. Here are some more useful suggestions for how to convert a garage into a workshop at your house:

  • Empty the garage completely. Your first task is to start with a blank slate and that means, emptying out the garage entirely. You need to move everything out and use the occasion to sell unused and unwanted items to put a little cash in your pocket.
  • Ensure there’s enough electrical outlets. For practically any type of workshop, you’ll need several electrical outlets to use. If the garage isn’t already equipped, have a licensed electrician install GFI electrical outlets so you have plenty of places to plug-in power tools.
  • Install a deep sink in the space. If you don’t already have a deep sink in your garage, consider installing one. This is a great fixture to have in a workshop so you don’t have to go in and out of your house time and again to wash-up.
  • Put in plenty of lighting. You’ll also need a lot of lighting for your workshop; the more light, the better. Also, you should consider putting rotating fans inside the space to use to circulate the air when you’re using the space.
  • Make it climate controlled. Here in Florida, there’s no getting away from the heat during the long summer, so be sure to cool the space by installing an air conditioner. You can remove an installed AC window unit in another room or purchase one to use.

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