How to Make Money with Your Storage Unit Cleanout

If you want to know how to make money with your storage unit cleanout, you're thinking creatively. Since we do a lot of storage unit clean out service jobs all over the state, there are many suggestions to offer but we've boiled all the information down into a short field guide. What you've likely discovered is storage units are supposed to be short-term solutions. This is what these units are most ideal for but do not make financial sense over the long-term.

How to Make Money with Your Storage Unit Cleanout in Orlando

Perhaps you've just removed an installed AC window unit and want to put it somewhere out-of-the-way for future use or visited your self storage unit for another reason but you've decided it's time to stop wasting money month after month. Whatever the reason, you know you do not want to be on the hook for a lease renewal because you didn't get all your stuff cleaned out in-time. The good news is, if you do have a couple or few weeks left on your lease, you can actually make money with your storage unit cleanout.

Storage units are great resources when you temporarily need a place to put your things for three to six months, like you needed to do with this move. Storage units, however, are not where things should go to live for years. When you abandon things in storage units you end up spending more money storing the items than you would selling everything and buying replacement items in the future. Additionally, the storage units are much more likely to be infested with bugs, rodents, mildew, mold and other possession-ruining things than they would be in your home.

Think about it this way, it's a garage sale on a site other than your home. What's great about this is you don't have to leave your house open to strangers and you have the benefit of security cameras. In addition, you'll offload more stuff because people know your goal is to lighten your load to minimize what you've got to take back home. Here's a quick step-by-step guide for how to make money with your storage unit cleanout:

  • Get organized first. Before you start hauling things out of the storage unit to sell, know what you have to offer and what you want to keep. Dont forget to keep us in mind as we help with junk removal in Orlando, FL. Start by getting organized and then place all like items you intend to sell with one another.
  • Document everything of value. Anything you think is valuable enough to sell, document so you can do a bit of research to know price ranges. You can also print out some item descriptions and reviews to make them more enticing.
  • Set your prices and advertise. Next, set your prices and have a negotiation range in-mind (you can create a list to take with you to reference). Also, begin to advertise with local online ads, through social media, and by posting signs at nearby busy intersections.
  • Host an open storage unit sale. Go prepared with some folding seats, a cooler with plenty of drinks, a box with bills and coins to make change, a few helping hands. It's best to host the sale over the course of a weekend to be able to sell more stuff.

Whatever you don’t sell and don’t want, you can easily unload it by phoning 321-406-2069 or visit AAA Rousse Services and we'll take it away and also haul junk away. We serve the entire Orlando area and know it well; so, give us a call right now!


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