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How to Remove Carpet from a Terrazzo Floor

You've just moved into a house or perhaps have been in the residence for years and you know there's a salvageable terrazzo floor hidden under that dingy, ugly carpet. You'd love to be able to take the carpet out to restore the terrazzo flooring, just like you replaced those old jalousie windows. But, are uncertain how to do so without damaging the marble hybrid. Though it's made from a combination of cement and marble, creating a very durable surface, carpet tacking removal can seriously damage and/or ruin its look. To get the look you want, you'll have to know how to remove carpet from a terrazzo floor without damaging it.

How to Remove Carpet from a Terrazzo Floor

The great things about terrazzo is it provides the elegant look of marble for a less expensive price. It comes from 15th century Italian mosaic artists, who routinely swept out excess marble chips onto their terraces (called terrazzi). The chips became compressed from foot traffic over time and these were the first terrazzo terrace floors. Later on, the discovery of pressing the marble chips into clay, then grinding and polishing the surface, lead to what is very much like the floors of today.

Terrazzo floors are a popular kind of floor that gives the look and feel of marble without the expensive price tag. These floors are made out of chips of marble that is mixed with concrete then covered with a layer of wax to give it a shine. Terrazzo floors are popular in homes as well as business settings. Keeping terrazzo floors clean and maintained is a process that takes a lot of time. As a result, many owners will partially cover the terrazzo floors with carpet. If you want to remove the carpet you will also leave behind carpet nails. Removing the nails can damage terrazzo floors unless removed properly --Do It

Terrazzo is very popular in flooring applications for residential homes, offices, schools, retail spaces, hospitals and more. The reasons of course, is because it is extraordinary durable and it easy to maintain. However, not everyone is enamored with its look or feel (it can make a space feel cold and industrial), so it's often covered with tile, hardwood, or carpet. Taking up carpet can be difficult, depending on how it's installed. Here's how to remove carpet from a terrazzo floor:

  • Cut into the carpet around the perimeter. Clear out the room and remove all wall decor. Then, use a utility knife to cut a slit into the carpet around the perimeter over the tacking strips located under the carpet. Pull the carpet up as you cut to make it easier to roll-up and remove from the room. Roll-up the carpet and then carry it out of the room.
  • Roll-up the carpet padding left over the terrazzo. The carpet padding is what provides the cushion under the woven fabric flooring and might tear apart when you begin to roll it up. Roll the carpet padding, then, you can sweep the floor to clear it of dust and debris.
  • Gently remove the carpet tacking from the terrazzo. To remove the carpet tacking, the thin layer of wood with upward protruding teeth, you'll have to break-up the strips by hand. Do not pry it up with a claw hammer or prybar as this will likely cause damage to the terrazzo floor.
  • Grind down any stuck nails close to the terrazzo floor. Pull any loose nails out of the floor by hand and do not pry any out. If there are tacking retaining nails left in the terrazzo, it's best to use a dremel tool to grind down the nails as close to the floor surface as possible.

When you're finished removing the carpet, padding, and tacking, phone 800-433-1094 or visit AAA Rousse Services. We'll come out to pickup and haul away carpet debris and any other sort of junk garbage you need to get rid of in your home.

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