Old Mattress Disposal Options in Bradenton

Old mattress disposal. Something much easier said than done. Just like getting rid of an old bed, this will present more than one challenge. The first problem is the fact that it's old. And, it certainly does help that it's used. Not to mention, it might show signs of wear and tear. Combined, these three factors make it a nearly worthless and unwelcome item. But, you can't simply put it out on the curb. If you do, the local trash collection agency will just pass it by. So, you've got to go with another option.

The Problem with Mattress Disposal

When it comes to throwing certain items out, there are rules for what to do with them. For example, you can't put paint, paint thinner, and primer cans in the trash. Those are considered hazardous materials. The same goes with televisions and a number of other electronic waste. Mattresses are big, bulky, and heavy. And, some of the materials are recyclable. Which means you can't put it out on the street and expect it's going to be picked up.

The problem is that almost all of these mattresses end up in landfills, where they take up a lot of space, create flammable air pockets, and damage compression equipment. On average, 300 mattresses and box springs arrive at a single landfill in one day. Take a look at these tips to see how you can avoid sending your used mattress straight to the landfill. But first, make sure you actually need to get rid of your mattress. Often a good memory foam mattress pad or a different support platform can make all the difference — not just saving the environment, but also saving your money. --Houzz.com

And, forget about taking it to an empty lot or an abandoned location or even to a commercial retail dumpster. It's just not worth the risk of getting hit with a hefty fine for illegal dumping. So, what do you do with an old mattress? Where can you take it? We'll, you can call a local junk hauler in Bradenton to pick it up. Take the opportunity to offload a bunch of other stuff, at the same time.

Old Mattress Disposal Options in Bradenton

Now, as for old mattress disposal, you do have a few options. It really depends on the condition. Here are a few helpful suggestions for what to do with an old mattress:

  • Donate it to a shelter. A local animal shelter or another like organization might welcome a mattress, even if it's not in the best condition. And, if it's accepted as a donation, you'll receive a tax write off.
  • Ditch the mattress and sell the frame. You can get rid of the mattress and then sell the frame without it to make a little cash and deal with the unwanted stuff in one fell swoop.
  • Give it away to someone who needs one. Another option is to simply give it away to someone who is in need of a mattress. It could be anyone who just needs a temporary solution.

If you need old mattress disposal, just phone 800-433-1094 or visit AAA Rousse Services.

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