Orlando Foreclosure Property Cleanout Benefits

foreclosure property cleanoutThough now a small percentage of all residential real estate, foreclosures are still part of the market. For savvy investors, these represent a great opportunity. But, often times, a foreclosure property cleanout is needed to start the rehab process. Then, the home can easily be updated to market for sale to the public.

When a Foreclosure Property Cleanout is Necessary

The thing about doing a foreclosure property cleanout is it’s hard work. Like, really, really hard work. Typically, it requires several helping hands, all working together. However, there are instances when these are DIY jobs (although few and far between). For instance, if the home is in fairly good condition and little to no junk is on site. More often than not, this simply isn’t the case.
The foreclosure crisis began in some parts of the country as early as 2007 and later peaked nationwide in September 2010, with approximately 120,000 completed foreclosures occurring during that single month. At the end of 2016*, the national foreclosure inventory, which reflects all homes in some stage of the foreclosure process, included approximately 336,000, or 0.9 percent, of all homes with a mortgage compared with 1.4 million homes, or 3.3 percent, at the peak of the residential foreclosure crisis in September 2010. —Yahoo Finance
Because the previous residents did not have the financial means to keep up with the mortgage, they’re unlikely to maintain the property. Even if they wanted to keep things in good working order, it’s usually not monetarily feasible. Therefore, things fall into a state of disrepair. And, the situation worsens as a result. When the home is finally repossessed by the lender, it’s generally in bad shape. This is where a foreclosure property cleanout service comes into play.

Orlando Foreclosure Property Cleanout Benefits

While it’s certainly tempting and somewhat understandable you’d like to tackle a foreclosure property cleanout on your own, it’s really not a very good idea. After all, there are many benefits to hiring a professional foreclosure property cleanout crew, like some of the following:
  • No heavy lifting. Fixtures, appliances, and all sorts of junk are big items to move and dispose. What’s more, you have to know what to take where because not all locations accept all items. That’s a lot of lifting and it’s a big hassle. A professional foreclosure property cleanout team will take care of all of it for you.
  • Avoid unpleasant surprises. One thing most people don’t consider is the potential hazards and dangers lurking in foreclosed homes. For example, it’s quite common to open a door only to find a colony of pests creeping about. Or, tripping and other types of safety hazards.
  • Save time. Of course, if you hire a service, they’ll do the work for you. And, we all know that time is money. What many people don’t know or just miscalculate is the time it takes to do a foreclosure property cleanout from start to finish. (It’s a lot longer than you probably think.)
  • Save money. Sure, you could rent a dumpster and try to clean out the home yourself. But, if you don’t rent the right size, you’re going to regret it. That’s because if it’s too small, you’ll need to rent it again. Or, if it’s too large, you’ve wasted space.
When you need a foreclosure property cleanout, just phone 800-433-1094 or visit AAA Rousse Services.

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