Top Foreclosure Cleanout Tips

foreclosure-cleanout-tipsThere are some useful and basic foreclosure cleanout steps to take for the best results. But, these are largely a secret of the trade. First time property investors and first time homebuyers quickly discover foreclosure cleanout isn’t just simple DIY work. It takes a lot to get it ready to remodel and show or refurbish and live in.

Top Foreclosure Cleanout Tips

When it’s time for a foreclosure clean out, it’s good idea to be in-the-know so there are as few unpleasant surprises as possible. The real trick is to expect the unexpected. In other words, cleaning out a foreclosure means being prepared for the unplanned and unforeseen. Now, you don’t need a crystal ball but you do need to be ready for just about anything.
Home prices are rising at a fast clip, and for-sale listings are still very low. That makes flipping a house more competitive than ever today, but it also mean potentially record returns for investors. If you’re ready to put in the work, there is certainly good money to be made. Just be smart, as emotion-free as possible and get ready for a real estate ride like no other. And no, it’s not as easy as it looks on TV. Figure out what you can spend on both the house and the renovation, down to the last dollar, and include how much risk you are prepared to take. —
After all, the last residents probably didn’t keep up the maintenance. And, it’s unlikely everything in the home is in good, functioning condition.

Best Foreclosure Cleanout Tips

Chances are excellent there’s plenty of work ahead. Therefore, accepting that reality is absolutely necessary. So, here are the top foreclosure cleanout tips you can use:
  • Test every appliance. No matter how small or insignificant it is, test it out. Even if you don’t plan to keep it, test it. Because, you might find another home for it. Or, it can serve as a temporary replacement, if needed. This is especially true with major appliances, like a water heater or refrigerator.
  • Empty the interior. Anything and everything should go. (Even the appliances for a limited time.) No matter what it is, it needs to go. Don’t leave anything in the house. Because, it gives you more room to work and envision changes.
  • Finish one room at a time. When you start to junk things or save them for short-term or long-term, go one room at a time. Don’t jump from room to room. Instead, stay with one room until it’s finished.
  • Deep clean, then disinfect. When a room is totally empty, it’s time to deep clean every inch. Then, disinfect to make it ready for the next step (such as furniture, flooring, et cetera).
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