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brick patio removalWhen it comes to brick patio removal, it doesn’t require an experienced contractor. But, it’s not exactly a simple DIY job, either. Although not difficult, it is very labor intensive, much like popcorn ceiling removal. What you’ll need to get through a brick patio removal job is quite a bit of elbow grease and a lot of sticktoitiveness. Even if this is a relatively small hardscape area, it will take a bunch of time and effort.AAA Rousse Junk Removal can help.

Easy Brick Patio Removal Guide

If you’ve come to the conclusion it is time to remove a brick patio, you’re probably planning on repurposing the space. So, start by getting things in order. Gather together your tools and materials. You should have a solid idea or actionable plan about what you’ll do with the space after the patio is gone. For instance, you might want to remove a Brazilian pepper tree to free up space. And, that’s a tall order in and of itself.
Concrete patio blocks and brick pavers are often set in beds of sand or stone dust to create outdoor walkways, patios, and shed floors. Although they are durable, occasionally a few will settle unevenly or crack in half. —This Old House
Begin by putting together the things you’ll need. These include: a spade shovel, wheelbarrow, leather gloves, eye protection, boots, a trowel, chisel, and hammer. The biggest challenge is not taking up the bricks, but what to do with those bricks. You can repurpose them, essentially moving the patio from one location to another. But, if there’s no use for them, you’ll have to dispose of them. Here’s how to do a brick patio removal to reuse the space:
  • Start in a corner. The easiest way to start to take up a brick patio is to begin in a corner. Use the trowel, chisel, and hammer to free a couple of bricks. Once you have a corner freed, the rest ought to be less difficult to remove. Place the bricks in a wheelbarrow as you take them up.
  • Take up the bricks. After you have a corner removed from the patio, you can then begin to take up the rest with a spade shovel. This is hard, labor intensive work and will take a great deal of time. It’s worthwhile to have a few people help out, so they can work from the other end to do it in less time.
  • Fill the space and sod. Once the brick patio is gone, you can then fill the empty space with soil. After the empty space is filled, you can then put down sod to make it blend with the rest of the yard.
  • Fertilize and water. If you do install sod over the area, you’ll need to take care of it. Be sure to fertilize and water properly so the roots take hold and the grass grows normally. Or, you can also install another hardscape feature or something else.
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