How to Combine Two Households into One

combine two householdsWhen it’s time to combine two households into one, there will be plenty of challenges. After living life on your own for years as single person, you’ve likely accumulated a lot of stuff. So much stuff, you couldn’t possibly make a list off the top of your head of what’s in your house. Now, double that and it quickly becomes apparent you’ll need to make compromises now that you’re going to live as a couple.

How to Combine Two Households into One in Fort Lauderdale

A great strategy is to make some concrete plans, complete with timeframes and/or deadlines. If you own a house and are going to sell it, this is an ideal situation because you can leave your furniture behind to effectively stage the home to sell. You could even sell the furniture with the house, so you don’t have to move it or otherwise deal with it after it’s been sold to another person or a couple.
If you are planning to merge two households, you may need to address everything from duplicate items and treasured family heirlooms to furnishings of questionable taste (and plenty of clutter). Moving in together, while exciting, can also potentially be the cause of some heated arguments and hurt feelings if tastes and housekeeping styles clash. —
If it’s not a single family property, check out these great ideas about how to get a condo ready to sell. Once you’ve decided to sell, be sure to enlist the help of an experienced real estate professional. Now, onto merging two households into one. Since you’ll have two of just about everything, you’ll have to decide which person’s items to keep. For some possessions, this won’t be difficult, but others can lead to fights. Here’s how to combine two households into one:
  • Measure the shared space. Make no mistake about it, space will dictate what can be brought into your shared living property. Whether it’s a single family residence, condo, townhouse, villa, or apartment, space will be finite. That’s okay because it can tell you what will and won’t fit. So, measure the share space to know how much room is in each room.
  • Purge all the duplicates. All those duplicate items will be easy to identify. You don’t need two microwaves, two dining sets, two sofas, and so on. You can sell it, donate it, or give it away to family and friends. If you do have the space, you might consider keeping a few duplicate items, like dinnerware, flatware, and electronics.
  • Keep must-have items. Okay, so there will be must-have items which can be duplicates, as well. These include some items already mentioned, but also, towels and linens, et cetera. Some, you’ll get rid of but others you’ll keep (like your clothes, personal hygiene, and toiletries).
  • Create a floor plan. Before you start to move furniture and other big objects, it’s wise to create a floor plan so you have a better idea of where things will go in the shared living space. Go room-by-room to make it a more smooth, organized transition.
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